15 Lesser-Known and Astonishing Facts from the 2023 US Open Men's Final

When Novak Djokovic faced Daniil Medvedev in the 2023 US Open Men's Final, history was in the making. While you may have watched the match, here are 15 fascinating facts that might have escaped your notice:

1. Djokovic's Remarkable Streak: Did you know that Djokovic entered this final on a 34-match winning streak at Grand Slam events? A feat that sets him apart from tennis legends.

2. Medvedev's Unbeaten Hardcore Record: Daniil Medvedev had never lost a hardcore Grand Slam final before this match. Discover how Djokovic broke this incredible streak.

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3. Longest Rally: Witness the epic 53-shot rally that left fans and players alike gasping for breath.

4. Medvedev's Tactical Brilliance: Dive into the strategic genius of Medvedev, who employed a unique serve-and-volley strategy that caught Djokovic off guard.

5. Djokovic's Iconic Celebrations: Djokovic's passionate celebrations have become legendary. Explore his emotional journey throughout the match.

6. The Elusive 'Calendar Grand Slam': Djokovic was on the verge of achieving the elusive Calendar Grand Slam. Learn how close he came.

7. Medvedev's Inspirational Speech: Discover the moving speech Medvedev gave after his win, which left the audience in tears.

8. Djokovic's Tennis Bag Ritual: Unveil the mystery behind Djokovic's ritual of tapping his tennis bag before each serve.

9. Medvedev's Mathematical Mind: Medvedev's penchant for math played a role in his victory. Find out how.

10. Djokovic's Record-Breaking Serve: Djokovic served the fastest ace of his career during this final. Explore the stats behind this incredible feat.

Medvedev's Mental Fortitude: Medvedev's mental strength was tested during the match. Discover how he overcame the pressure.

12. Djokovic's Memorable Hug: Witness the heartwarming moment when Djokovic hugged Medvedev at the net, showcasing true sportsmanship.

13. Medvedev's Lucky Charm: Medvedev had a lucky charm in his pocket during the final. Learn the story behind this sentimental gesture.

14. Djokovic's Love for New York: Djokovic shares a special connection with New York. Find out why the city holds a special place in his heart.

15. Medvedev's Unique Victory Celebration: After his win, Medvedev celebrated in a way that surprised everyone. See how he left his mark on this historic victory.

These 15 hidden gems from the 2023 US Open Men's Final between Djokovic and Medvedev reveal the magic, strategy, and heart that made this match an unforgettable tennis spectacle. Dive deeper into the world of tennis greatness and relive the historic moments of this championship match.